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The photo-artist Leonid Lazarev offers editing a number of album-books on basis of his photograph collection which he?d been assembling for almost half a century, from 1957 till 2004, with marking of cycles and themes listed below and their detailed deciphering and description. The photographs, both color and black-and-white ones, made on the high technical and artistic level, are put in electronic computer discs, cleared and retouch.

Leonid Nickolayevich Lazarev is a photographer cy calling of soul, but by profession he is a camera man. He graduated from VGIK, worked professionally on film studios, on television. He by himself shot a number of publicistic documentaries, but after all he gave his preference to photo-art, — he became a press photographer, cooperated with editorships of the most prominent papers and magazines of the country. His photos appeared on pages of papers and magazines and carried not only informative and chronicle matter about some specific event, were not only photo-sketches in the narrow pre-arranged sense, but also carried much more deep and wide, generalizing and symbolic comprehension of material reflected in the film. This sense, this skill in the approach to the object for shoot, whether it concerned nature, town, people or some occurrences, became keener and keener, improved and bit by bit turned L. N. Lazarev into a high-class, dainty, unique photo-artist, for whom his camera lens become as important as paint-brush and palette for a painter. Some of his works are hard to distinguish by coloring, composition and luminous effects from easel painting; others, made in black-and white version — from subtle painting. And some remarkable psychological portraits of our contemporaries (the people of the very different fates and professions) amaze and even stun by the depth of penetration into the image, by the truth and the revealing of the inmost nuances of a human soul.

The edition of L.N.Lazarev?s album-books, provided with the author?s commentaries, description of creation of this or that frame, meetings with heroes of his photo-portraits, work with them, will be an excellent present for the photograph lovers, specialists in drama study, artists. As well as for the people opening the world for themselves with the help of an ageless and infinitely developing in more and more bright and wonderful kinds and art displays reflection of the world and its facet by using a camera.

A. Scherbakov