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What was the primary God?s intention…? Maybe God created a man to appreciate the beauty of this world, to increase it? Venice and Florence, the beauty of the Moscow Kremlin, the beauty of the great masterpieces of Renaissance…don?t they all bring beauty in this world? And what about the invention of typography, of computers, of cinematograph, what about the progress of medicine? What is all this, if it is not the implementation of the God?s will on earth?

Why do I speak about all this? I have a very close friend, I know him for more than 40ty years, and he exactly understands all the things written above. We think alike. His name is Leonid Lazarev, and he is a great master of photography. He lived his entire life in Moscow and nowadays his lives in his cottage near Moscow.

Leonid Nicolaevich Lazarev as I see it is a perfect tool, created by nature to watch, increase and create the beauty and the grandeur of this world. In all times there were not so many people like him. And they are particularly few in numbers in our days, when demonic powers rule the world.
We live in a time when ugliness and deformity are in favour, but Leonid Lazarev is a man, who?s soul is focused on bringing light and harmony, not destruction. I would like to see his art well-known among the people, for it is true art, true creation.

D. Kovda — poet.